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Who is TJ?

T.J. is a business leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record as a strategic advisor and change agent within the small business sector. She is not just passionate about seeing others in business realize their full potential; she is the one who can get them there. T.J.’s unique; “tell it like it is” approach, has propelled many in business to a level they never thought attainable. She directs business owners and employees to where they want to go, where they need to go, and where they deserve to be going.

T.J. has propelled businesses to success across almost as many industries as she has worked within. Her clients include manufacturers, retailers, service providers, start-ups and non-profits. She knows numbers and what’s behind them and with financial accuracy and compliance to financial analysis, she effectively communicates the story they tell to business owners and their teams.

T.J. is the Founder and Executive Director of Working Women of Faith, a non-profit organization that exists to equip and encourage women of faith to live out their calling in the workplace to the glory of God.


T.J. has a lifetime of work experience under her belt: and not your typical one industry or segment type of work. Throughout her life, she has held 27 different jobs across 16 industries. From birthday party clown, to potato chip factory worker; from caretaker of the elderly, to General Contractor and to CFO, T.J.’s breadth of experience affords her unparalleled insight into multiple business industries, as well as the ability to see from the perspective of business owners and workers alike.


One of T.J.’s first forays into entrepreneurship included starting and operating the first ever, part-day preschool program for the U.S. Army base in Baumholder, Germany where her husband was stationed early in their marriage. For the past eight years, T.J. has been operating her own business- On Track-with the sole purpose of helping businesses grow.

T.J. holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. But she would tell you that the bulk of her business education came from getting her hands dirty and doing the work of running and growing businesses. Her education continues everyday that she works.

T.J. also serves as Treasurer for a small local municipality, which she has kept in the black for the past seven years. Her fiscally responsible approach even allowed this small town to install a new park without one dollar of government money.

T.J. is a voracious reader of non-fiction and one of those crazy people who like to run when nothing is chasing them. She enjoys her peaceful hobby farm in rural Wisconsin, only an hour from the vibrant, Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area where she grew up. T.J. and her husband of 20+ years have two children in college, and a few farm animals for pets.



Authentic Advisor

No one has time for sugarcoated consultations. By being authentic and direct in her approach, T.J. saves businesses time and money. Using her “whole brain” business acumen, she can take clients to their next level and beyond. T.J. doesn’t just give you a plan to follow. She rolls up her sleeves and works alongside you to develop the best plan and then guides you to action, implementation, and realization.


Growth Catalyst

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” T.J. won’t let you continue down your well-worn path when your desire is to get to new heights. Growth requires change and T.J. is the catalyst for that change. Through her proven financial analysis tools and one-of-a-kind thinking, T.J. takes the story of your numbers and uses them as a springboard for strategic growth. Growth is hard work, but T.J. even makes the hard stuff fun.



T.J. is so passionate about propelling others in their work & business that she unreservedly shares her insight, methods, and experiences through the written word. Her articles engage, inspire and educate her readers on a broad spectrum of topics related to work in business. Writing for industries from agriculture and manufacturing to marketing and retail, T.J.’s decades of experience with business translate into usable knowledge.



If you think T.J. was direct in her advising and writing, wait till you hear her speak. Her “tell it like it is” approach carries over into her speaking in order to propel her listeners beyond their comfort zone and into their maximized potential. This isn’t motivational speaking; this is real world experience that helps others look at their business & work differently and forces the listener to make the tough choices and changes that have lasting impact.

Propelling Your
Work & Business

Your business can grow more than you give it the opportunity to.

Your Market share could be bigger than you are limiting it to.

Your Production Capacity is larger than you think it is.

Your Employees can be better than you give them credit for.

Your Cash Flow Story

Many people are intimidated by the financial side of the business. Just as your company history tells us the story of your business, and customers tell us the story of your product, your financials tell a story too.  Your cash flow tells the story of your business at its core. And this story can’t be make-believe because the numbers don’t lie. (As long as they’re accurate-if they’re not, T.J. can fix that too.) T.J. can find your cash flow story and tell you what it means for your business, and then use your numbers as a springboard for powerful growth.

Process Overhauls

You know you can do better and more, but you don’t know where to start. T.J. can get you on the road to continuous improvement. It can be a bumpy road sometimes, but as an experienced growth catalyst, T.J. can help you navigate the changes necessary for you to get more from your work & business. She works with your team to analyze and alter your processes that are getting you nowhere, overhaul them into workable processes, and set you free from inefficiencies.

Build your Best Team

Your business success is all comes down to the people who work alongside you.  T.J. has an uncanny sense for reading people.  If you feel like you are spinning your wheels to get your people on board, you need T.J.  She will asses your people and make sure your team is made up of the “right people” in the “right seat”.  By finding the the truth behind the “talk”, T.J. will help you find & use the best people, in the best way, and revolutionize your organization.

Culture Maximization

T.J. takes the ineffective and makes it impactful. If you are struggling to integrate your values and mission into your culture in a way that engages employees and makes customers happy, stop the struggle and start with T.J. Her Line of Sight plan can create a lasting culture change that takes your employee engagement and your business to the next level.

Strategic Growth Plans

This isn’t your run of the mill business plan. This is tailored to your business and industry to get the results you want. Want to enter new markets? Want to offer new products or services? Want to grow your bottom line? T. J. can get you there. She doesn’t just give you a plan, she works with you to create the best plan for you, develops the plan into actionable steps, and then works with your team to make it happen. There is no plan too big or too small; T.J. covers them all.

Smart Marketing

What message is your company sending?   Is your message loud and clear?  If you can’t answer either of those questions, then you need T.J. Her “Smart Marketing” Package includes both analysis and a customized plan to get more loyalty from your customers, and improve your message in a world full of noise.
Any of these services can stand alone or be combined to fit your specific needs and propel you further than you ever thought you could go.
And there’s more…

Invite TJ to Speak

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Propelling Your
Full-Faith Living

As passionate as she is about business, T.J. is even more passionate about helping others achieve full-faith living.

Our beliefs and values drive everything that we do: the decisions we make with our careers; our families; the way we run our businesses; they all stem from what we believe. What we believe will influence the choices we make.

Passionate Mission

As passionate as she is about business, T.J. is even more passionate about helping others achieve full-faith living.

Guided by Scripture

T.J.’s extensive knowledge of scripture allows her to guide and direct others as they seek to live out their lives and grow in their faith. Her “tell it like it is” approach carries into her strategic faith directing. T.J. provides scriptural teaching and rubber-meets-the-road application in order to help people make their faith a reality in every area of their lives.

Beliefs and Values

Our beliefs and values drive everything that we do: the decisions we make with our careers; our families; the way we run our businesses; they all stem from what we believe. What we believe will influence the choices we make.

Meeting Workplace Needs

In 2013, T.J. founded the non-profit organization, Working Women of Faith in order to meet the needs of women of faith in the workplace. There are plenty of resources within the faith community for being a godly wife and a godly mother, but there is little available for godly workers. Working Women of Faith seeks to fill that gap within the faith community.

Connecting Work & Faith

T.J. seeks to connect people’s faith and work, helping them make the Sunday to Monday leap, where full-faith living drives every area of your life.
T.J. seeks to equip both men and women, through her speaking and writing, to live out their workplace calling to the glory of God.

Walking the Walk

T.J. doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks the walk. Listen to this recent radio interview where she shares her faith story and how her faith plays out in her role as a business owner and entrepreneur. She lives what she believes and seeks to inspire and guide others to do the same.

Invite TJ to Speak

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