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TJ Talks

TJ Talks

Ouch! Business Pinch Points- How to Find and Fix Them

What's your pinch point?  What one thing is currently holding your business back from success? Every business has at least one.  Some people call it a constraint or a hurdle. In manufacturing we use the term bottleneck to describe something in our process that holds...

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Numbers Scare Me! 3 Financial Pitfalls you CAN Fix

"Oh, numbers scare me." That's the usual response I get from people when they first meet me and find out what I do. I smile because I've heard it a thousand times. "But numbers are your friend", I say, "they tell a story.  The story of your business and your life."...

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Trust your Employees or Fire Them

Trust is the bedrock of any relationship, business or personal. Building trust takes time and yet you can lose it in a moment, never to fully regain it again. Without trust between you and your employees, your company is on shaky ground. Do you trust your employees?...

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Go Deep or Go Home-Character Counts

"The essential thing is not knowledge, but character." -Joseph LeConte "Character is what you think in the dark" -D.L. Moody Character is the most underrated and undersold commodity in the world today.  Why? Because it has no flash, no bang, no visual appeal.  And...

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3 Things He Learned from Owning a Business

I recently sat down with a man who spent the majority of his life running his own business. He has since sold his business and retired decades ago. I asked him what three things he learned in all of those years as a business owner.  Before social media, KPI's, Six...

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Are you All-In? How Leaders Drive Company Culture

With all of the talk out there about company culture these day, one would think they are giving out Nobel prizes to best in the world. I personally think that people write about how great the culture is in other companies because they want to work at the "cool...

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The Making of a Brand-3 tips for Personal Branding

Apparently Personal Branding is the next big thing in marketing. According to a recent Forbes article even the big companies are training employees in personal branding as part of their leadership training programs. More and more people are jumping on the personal...

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Is Your Business Poor?

Henry Ford was one of those amazing innovators that we all wish we could be. He understood machines and how to make them better; he knew how to attract the best people; cast visions for a future that no one else dared to dream; and actually make it all happen. And he...

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Why Are Farmers the Bad Guys?

I was sitting in a local cafe one evening, typing away with work, when a family of six came in the door. Dad, Mom, and four kids all under the age of 10. When their food came and they all started eating, I overheard the Dad begin to educate his kids on the horrible...

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Thrive- Ambassadors for Business Keynote: Shoreview, MN

November 30, 2018 @ Thrive: Ambassadors for Business-Shoreview 

Thrive- Ambassadors for Business Keynote: Blaine, MN

December 11, 2018 @ Thrive: Ambassadors for Business-Blaine

Thrive- Ambassadors for Business Keynote: Woodbury,MN

December 12, 2018 @ Thrive: Ambassadors for Business-Woodbury

Thrive- Ambassadors for Business Keynote: Minneapolis, MN

December 13, 2018 @ Thrive: Ambassadors for Business-Minneapolis

Thrive- Ambassadors for Business Keynote: Eden Prairie, MN

December 19, 2018 @ Thrive: Ambassadors for Business-Eden Prairie

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