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Go ahead and google “leadership styles” sometime.  You’ll find about 29 million results.

Everyone has something to say about leadership, and I guess I’m no exception, but I like to keep things simple and straightforward since we are all short on time.

I’ve worked with and for many leaders in my 20+ years in the workforce and I can boil it down to 2 for you.  There are really only 2 types of leaders:

“Ish” & “Less”

There are SelfISH leaders, and there are SelfLESS leaders. Which one are you?

'There is no 'i' in team. As leader of this team, I want that changed.'

‘There is no ‘i’ in team. As leader of this team, I want that changed.’

I’ve been plowing through Dan Busby‘s book on Trust when it hit me again that it all boils down to the heart of the leader.

Actions are great.  But the how and the why behind your actions are what really matter in the long run.  How, and why you do what you do all stem from who you are.  Every leader will be known by who they are, not what they do.

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We have a choice about the actions we take, but we also have a choice about the person that we are.

Here is a mix of Dan & my thoughts on the difference between ISH leaders and LESS leaders.  Do you own self-assessment to see which one you are most like.


Well, how did you fare?

Do you have something to work on?

I know I do.  As leaders we tend to be hyper-focused on the goals to the exclusion of all else.  It’s worth it to stop and re-evaluate our own values and beliefs.  Because what you believe will come out in you actions.

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Which one do you struggle with the most?

I was caught off guard by #8, as long as we’re confessing here.  I always tend to focus on accomplishments over development.  I need to work on that.

Which one have you seen most frequently in the leaders you have worked with/for?

I think #5 is the one I see the most.  I know ego stems from insecurity and fear, but we’ll talk about that in another post.  I wish more leaders would check their egos at the door.

Which one do you excel at the most?

For me, it’s #2.  I don’t need the credit for anything, but I love to see others share in the glory and reward that success brings.

Who do you need to share this article with?

I’m sure I can think of at least one.

Give me your two cents.  What would you add?  Which one is the biggest indicator of an ISH or LESS leader?

You opinion matters to me, really it does.  So leave it in the comments and share this with someone who needs to hear it.


    Tenaya (T.J.) Tison is a business leader and entrepreneur who is passionate about propelling others in their work & faith potential, by strategically directing them in business + work; and in full-faith living. Find out what T.J. does here. Follow T.J. on Twitter. Invite TJ to speak.